A hopeless romantic, one may say; also a daydreamer who secretly still wants to be an astronaut, or anything resembling that.

But in all seriousness,

Nabilah Adani is a self-taught amateur photographer and writing enthusiast who loves subtle colours, sunray, mother nature, wild and impromptu adventures, sunkissed flowers in the afternoon, countryside, quiet corners of the city, being literally – though not figuratively – on top of the world, solo travels, moving windows behind a train, fascinating rocks, and just the idea of roaming free into the unknown. Thus, this portfolio is a reflection of these things she’s very much fond of.

When not taking pictures or writing short poetry, she writes a journal, or sometimes flawed narratives too. But most of the time, she does her job as a full-time petroleum geologist. (However unexpected that seems to be for perhaps some of you.)

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