Soaked in Sunray (2017)

Eyes, flooded with beams
Streams of lights, shafted through the dispersed clouds
Fractions of gold on azalea’s petals
Distinct warmth, melted woe,
The kind that I’d love to relive ‘til our skin turns blue;

Flashes of moonstruck lovers,
streaks of tiny rainbows on your washed out jeans,
inaudible whispers of prayers and wishes,
may they be heard, may they be ever true,
thus I kneel to You;

Surrounding us were the lives that we took for granted,
but not anymore,
in each and every one of them I’d be planting a hope,
that if this very moment is to replicate,
here we’ll reconcile,
we’ll try to appreciate
what was left ever since the sun had disappeared.


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